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PostOP Foodie Review: Burger 7

Yesterday I ventured to Northern Virginia for the upcoming weekend. Last night a friend suggested we check out a Falls Church spot called Burger 7.

My initial thought walking though the door is that I was in a bizzarro world Five Guys. We were met by a rather nice guy behind the register. As I gazed at the menu over the register I saw that one could order a B7 Burger (Burger w/ cheese B7 sauce lettuce and tomato, their trademark) but it sounded a little boring to me so I went with something else. After telling him it was my first time there I went with a “build-your-own-burger”, you are also given the option of a single pattie or double. I went with a single cheese burger with pepper jack cheese. Their toppings menu is quite impressive and is probably my favorite part about this place. I topped my cheeseburger with: tomato, raw onion, pickles, mayo, grilled mushrooms, a fried egg (fuck yeah), and turkey bacon. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea I made sure to ask first and yes, turkey bacon is the only kind of “bacon” they offer. I decided to be open minded and got the turkey bacon. 

After a brief wait I picked up my burger from the counter. It came wrapped in paper on a metal tray. As you can see from the picture above it sure does look tasty right?

Now folks, I am of the option that there are three crucial bites to any Burger. First bite, money bite, last bite.

First Bite: I chomped down on this sucker. They put the patty and the fried egg on the top of the burger so you’re first met with the meat, egg, and cheese. Honestly felt like the patty was a bit dry, maybe over cooked the edge of the egg was crispy and the yolk was raw enough to have it gush out a little bit very tasty in that aspect. The tomato and pickle were the next part I picked up. Nice and fresh with a good crunch. On the bottom was the mushrooms with the turkey bacon and mayo. That’s where the problem began.

Turkey Bacon sucks y’all. I think I gave it a fair shot and maybe this place just didn’t to it well but my mouth was met with a tough piece of “meat” cracker. It was dry and hard and unpleasant in taste. I’m not making that mistake again. Burger 7 may have ruined turkey bacon for me forever.

Money Bite: We all know what the money bite is. Its that perfect bite right when you get to the middle of the sandwich. Every ingredient is in this bite. perfectly cross-sectioned before your hungry eyes. With the exception of the turkey bacon (which I had removed from my burger after the first bite.

Last Bite: This should go without saying but the last bite is the very last bite. meaning there is nothing left after this point. Gonna be honest I didn’t get too far into this burger before I decided to give it up. I ate 75% of it so I had made up my mind. There was no last bite this time. More on why in a moment.

Conclusion: Would I recommend Burger 7 to you? Sure but only if you are curious. I would say its worth a one time try. I personally won’t be going out of my way to patronize this establishment. Honestly the burger wasn’t very good quality, it was dry and fell apart to pieces as I made my way through it. The toppings were good however, if you’re a fan of customization then check out Burger 7. The bun was also a bit disappointing. It felt like to me that it was a potato bun you get out of the grocery story aka not very special. I will say though that my service was good and my order was correct with no mistakes. In the end I feel like Burger 7 is what happens when a place like Five Guys tries too hard and it backfires.

Post Op Foodie give Burger 7 in Falls Church, VA a 4 out of 10.

Burger 7:

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Note: Future reviews will feature more pictures.

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